Our Menu

Gnocco fritto (fried bread) with lard or Parma ham   € 9,00
Toastes tuscan bread with liver   € 10,00
Goat cheese pie with rocket salad and bresaola   € 10,00
Red tuna fillets marinated in soya souce with salad   € 11,00
Nervetti salad with patè of veal, milanese style   €10,00
Boiled octopus with potatoes and Ligurian olives   € 10,00
Asparagus pie  on puree of shrimps   € 10,00
Sea bass tartare on crispy bread   €.10,00
Pasta and first dishes… 
Risotto Milanese style € 12,00
Risotto with sausage and Bonarda wine € 13,00
Risotto with forest-fruit and Taleggio cheese cream € 13,00
Risotto with apple and persico fish from Como lake € 14,00
Black risotto with cuttlefish € 13,00
Handmade  ravioli with sea bass on shrimps cream € 13,00
Risotto with burrata from Andria and crabmeat € 14,00
Parmesan basket with fresh pappardelle, zucchini and saffron € 13,00
Green handmade gnocchi with angler fish and small tomatoes € 14,00
Second dishes… (outline included)
Breaded milanese's veal cutlet with panful of potatoes € 19,00
Veal medallions with leeks pie € 16,00
Beef fillet with mustard and panful of potatoes and onions € 20,00
Rolls of sea bass with asparagus and carrot cream € 17,00
Marinated red tuna with glazed onions and salad € 18,00
Fried small Mediterranean fish € 16,00
Swordfish milanese  style with herbs pie with nuts € 17,00
Millefeuille of vegetables with leeks cream € 13,00
"Single Dish"
Risotto milanese style with veal marrowbone on a delicate cream € 18,00
Rustin negaa (roasted lion of veal) with risotto milanese style € 19,00
Shrimps spits on a pink sauce served with black rice € 19,00
Tasting of italian cheeses with extra jams € 13,00
Ending with…
The homemade desserts € 5,00